Friday, July 20, 2007

Cookies rrr-umumumumum

I couldn't figure out how to phoneticise what, I have been informed by Wikipedia, is officially known as the "Cookie monster noise" (you would think that the people who create Kermit and Bert and Ernie on a daily basis would have a more creative name for it). Rrrr-ummumumumum it will have to be. Clear I have no future in poetry. Or writing children's books.

Anyway Cookies rrr-umumumumum were what my sister and I made last weekend! More art and craft than cooking, but what fun! Note especially our favourite, the chick on the right.

Technically I think these are biscuits and not cookies, but you do cut them out with a cookie cutter after all...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Four and twenty blackbirds...

Well really just one. She was not sitting in a pie but rather in my bedroom, whence she hopped out in a most startling manner about twenty minutes ago. And then she sort of did a tour of my living room and desk while I bemusedly wandered around checking that, yes, all my windows were indeed shut. So she must have been exploring my closet and checking the softness of my mattress since my bedder came in in the morning (sometime after nine, before I went to work).

I open a window.

She flaps across to the windowsill, gratefully, I think, but then flies back down again, preferring my carpet.

I open the door. She wanders across, and then down the stairs towards the shared loos and the laundry.

I open the other door, to the outside.

She hops back up the stairs and outside! Hurrah! Here she is in the courtyard where she wandered around for a bit and picked at crumbs. Free as a bird (you don't say).

P/S I hope it really was a blackbird and I haven't just embarrassed myself. Anyway I don't know many nursery rhymes about other birds.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Mm, crackling.

Today I had a craving for roast pork. So I made some!

With roast potatoes, apple sauce and a mandatory bit of green.

Now I only have to eat roast pork for the next half a week... but this is not such a chore. I shall feed some to friends.

I think, if by some kind of freak change of opinion I ever (purposely) become pregnant, I will be cooking all the time. Oh dear.